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We are the crew of Yacht Into The Blue. We comprise of Andy the skipper, Gina (skippers mate), Tom in charge of diving and media, Laura to ensure crew’s wellbeing, Katherine at the helm for shipshape and orderliness, Josh responsible for all things medical and fitness, Dearbhla is head of music, entertainment and general frivolity!


Andy, he's the designated 'Skipper' and this means that he's responsible for everything, especially anything that doesn't work, goes wrong, breaks, smells bad and even tastes wrong, everyones safety, security and to ensure we all arrive at the right place and at the time we're supposed to. He's going to learn to play the banjo with his new Shackleton Banjo, no pressure then! Got to have that "Vital Mental Medicine".


My role in all this??
Just how many words are there in a dictionary?
Take that figure, double it and send it to the moon and back on the wings of a ladybird.


Tom is everyones point of call for all things fishy, he is the head fisherman and scuba Dive Master. Diving as often as he can, by the end of the trip he will have an unprecedented fish identification knowledge base.

He also hopes to learn to sail properly at some point along the route.


I live in London and I work in Fashion, so moving onto a boat with 6 of my family members will probably be the biggest challenge of all.
Will I get away with taking my vast collection of Chanel fragrances? make up brushes? They will thank me when we are covered in seaweed, fish guts, salt encrusted and are in need of a little luxury!


As the youngest member of the crew and having studied up until last year I am finally looking forward to a breath of fresh air and having an adventure in the big wide world.
I am most excited about the history, food and architecture of the world and a little bit of sailing won't go a miss...


Fascinated by extreme environments, with a particular interest in adventure and anything active. Josh works as a researcher/lecturer in human physiology. In keeping with his passion for harsh environments, Josh is particularly interested in the body’s response to extreme environmental stressors (altitude, heat, cold, diving). During the trip, Josh is responsible for all things medical and fitness.


As a Speech and Language Therapist my knowledge of sailing is quite limited - I am like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with wonders of the world through the eyes of a sailor! Being the only Irish member of the crew, I plan to keep everyone in craic and make sure everyone is prepared for any rain we may encounter! I am looking forward to tasting all the local foods as we travel around the world, lots of swimming and lots of shanty singing in the sun! 🙂

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