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Darwin and into the Indian Ocean

By Andy Hilton | October 31, 2016

Our last landfall in Australia was Darwin before we headed off to Lombok in Indonesia. A mixture of light winds and large swell proved to be an uncomfortable crossing of the 945 miles but we managed to achieve the passage in 8 days.  Anchored off the small island of Gili Gede for 6 days and enjoyed exploring the local market at Tembowong, a horse and cart ride to the pottery and an interesting visit to Hindus Temple “Lingsar”.

A 4 day passage from Lombok took us to Christmas Island, where it rained virtually non stop all the time we were there. An interesting place with an abundance of red crabs, beautiful golden tropic birds, butterflies and locusts.  The anchorage was uncomfortable so we left as soon as we could but the sea crossing was just as bad with very high winds and squalls.  After 525 miles we arrived in Cocos.


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