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Arrived in Las Palmas

By Andy Hilton | October 17, 2015

Arrived in Las Palmas late Tuesday evening after setting off from Madeira (Quinta Do Lorde) on Sunday morning.  We had a good sail with a mixture of winds from very light 4 kts to 28 kts.  The sea was much more comfortable which gave us all a chance to do some galley duties and settle down into a watch rota in between wildlife spotting which on this trip included sperm whale (moby dick), pilot whales, dolphins, porpoises.
Las Palmas is the biggest marina we’ve been to so far and very different from all the cosy little marinas we’ve encountered along the way.  Las Palmas is a large city full of bustling traffic day and night.  Internet in the marina is not good unless you spend all your time in one of the bars or cafes. Electricity and water is charged on a daily basis and varies for the size of yacht.
We will be in Las Palmas until 22nd November preparing for our Atlantic crossing.



  • Tony and Penny says:

    You look like you are all having the most fantastic time.!!!! Wonderful sky and calm seas. Would like a picture of the wildlife. Hope all continues to go well for the Atlantic crossing. Bon Voyage.

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