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Across the South Atlantic Ocean to Brazil

By Andy Hilton | February 12, 2017

Over 3,600 nautical miles from Cape Town to Salvador in Brazil with a short stay midway on ‘English Territory’ in St Helena.  Strong wind, no wind, large swell, no swell, hundreds of dolphins then nothing seen for days.  Loads of jellyfish in the ocean current floating on the surface (floating hydrozoans) Portuguese man-of-war (physalia).  Swam with a gentle giant in St Helena a beautiful whale shark, a truly amazing experience.  Torn sails on the way again, problems with water maker, expensive customs and immigration bills, expensive marina fees.  Time to venture back across the equator to the Northern Hemisphere.  Everyone still in one piece and still smiling thankfully.

Salvador is hot and humid and getting ready for carnival so music and dancing all over the place.  Leaving Salvador next week heading up the coast to Cabadelo then leave Brazil on a passage of 1700 for Grenada in the Caribbean.



  • Tim andAnn says:

    We are so glad you are having a lovely time you will like Grenada I liked it very green nice scenery when you get there. Abi send her love Grace will soon be walking she is very active like you Josh when you was little. Take of Laura looking forward seeing you again. mumxxx

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